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Find any phrases from photos of documents in real time.

SearchBy application makes finding information stored in photos of documents easier and more intuitive than ever before.

Virtual Data Room

About Searchby Virtual Data Room

Reading the content of photos, Word documents, and PDFs in real-time.

SearchBy finds any desired phrase. Just enter the desired text in the search field, and SearchBy will show you photos or other documents where the searched phrase appears.

The 98% accuracy of the text-to-image (OCR) technology guarantees real-time access to the knowledge hidden in the photos of your organization's documents. It doesn't matter what quality the photos are - taken with a phone or in the form of an image from a scanner.

SearchBy can flawlessly indicate any phrase you are looking for in any photo in the entire photo database of your organization's documents.

any document format


Any quality photos of documents taken with a camera or phone. Just add them to our application to find the text you are looking for on the selected photo.

Word documents

Find any information in all the documents your organization has collected. Reuse documents. Work with a virtual legal assistant.

PDF files

The application will find the desired text in any PDF document, even when the text within the document is only an image.
It automatically groups selected photos into a single PDF document, reducing the file size of the images.

Any file format

If you store various documents, including photos with text, in your database, SearchBy will find the desired phrase in real-time within any document, photo, or PDF file.

95% accuracy!

We use the best technology to scan text from an image with 98% accuracy

Thanks to OCR text scanning technology, the SearchBy application is capable of finding any desired phrase, even on heavily distorted photos of documents taken with a smartphone.

Secure File Sharing

 Searchby Virtual Data Room

SearchBy combines the VDR (Virtual Data Room) service with real-time text search in document images.

Searchby is the perfect uploading tool

photos of the documents you've been waiting for.

The real-time photo content search service makes Searchby the only such service on the market.

SearchBy will be helpful when searching through large volumes of data.

Court files

Reviewing case files takes a significant amount of time. Reviewing four volumes of case files, each containing 500 pages, typically takes a lawyer an average of 4 business days. The SearchBy application, on the other hand, only requires a few minutes for the same task.

Paper files in public databases

The application is capable of extracting text even from heavily distorted images. Bulging or warped pages are not a problem. SearchBy reads everything that the human eye can, but much faster.


SearchBy is useful when there is a need to rapidly digitize large volumes of paper files. During the process of adding documents, the system allows for automatic tagging, making it easier to find their content in the future.

Virtual Data Room

The application combines the functionality of transferring large amounts of data, similar to Dropbox or FTP, with the real-time content search capability.

Searchby App

Everything you need in one intuitive tool.

SearchBy combines a secure space for safely uploading large quantities of image files with an intuitive search panel.

The SearchBy application allows reducing the time spent on document searching by an average of 95%!

Automatically tagging photos makes it even easier to find text from photos faster in the future.

You simply need to specify to the application which words to pay special attention to when adding documents to the database.



Security is on par with online banking.

The highest standard of security.

  1. All transmitted data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
  2. We use the 256-bit AES256 encryption standard.
  3. We use secure data centers located in the European Union.
  4. The data centers have ISO/IEC 27001 security certification. 

You can learn more about the security standards we apply by clicking the button below:

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