Skróć czas poświęcony na reaserch dokumentów prawnych Twojej kancelarii nawet o 95%!

…dzięki jednej intuicyjnej  Wyszukiwarce.

Queries in natural language.

Searchby finds any desired phrase and suggests similar documents from the law firm's database or publicly accessible case law database, all in the context of your case. Simply enter the desired text in the search field, and Searchby will show you photos or other documents where the searched phrase appears and compare the records with other available documents.

Scoring of results

The scoring system displays the most relevant answers at the top.

The found phrases or sentences, if present in the documents, are displayed at the top of the list.

Searchby will inform you when it doesn't find documents containing the exact searched phrase, but there are documents that contain a part of it.


Automatic document archiving.

When it is necessary to digitize large volumes of paper records or when you work remotely and the entire team adds documents from different locations, Searchby will help standardize the way documents are described.

During the process of adding documents to the database, the system will automatically describe each document according to the tag dictionary you have previously set. This ensures that each document can be easily found in the future.

You can find more about this functionality on the website: Automatic Document Archiving

Finding information faster by 95%?

If you use Searchby, you are light years ahead of other lawyers using traditional search methods.

We've done a study of lawyers who use Searchby and those who don't. Lawyers who have used Searchby have saved up to 200 hours a year on law research. Get those hours back with us. 

OCR scanner

Thanks to the latest technology of scanning text from the image (OCR), Searchby guarantees real-time access to the knowledge hidden in the photos of documents. It doesn't matter what quality the photos are - taken with a phone or in the form of an image from a scanner.

SearchBy can flawlessly indicate any phrase you are looking for in any photo in the entire photo database of your organization's documents.

Automatic document tagging

By introducing individual Tags-attributes into the search engine, you give Searchby instructions on how to describe individual documents later added by each of your team members.

Thanks to this, you will avoid describing documents added by the team in a way that is incomprehensible to others.

Thanks to this, each team member will easily find documents in the future.

Own document database or public.

Thanks to the connection with public databases of court decisions, you can search available databases of court decisions in the context of your case and compare them with documents from your database.

Work as before, but better

Starting with the Searchby application, you do not have to change your habits. Keep the documents where they are.

If it is a cloud drive, all you have to do is give our application access to selected folders so that it can search their contents according to the search criteria you enter in the Searchby search window.

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